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A little bit about me

I completed a Herbal Apprenticeship course under the supervision of Valmai Becker from Phytofarm and as a formally trained Landscape Architect (BLA Hons). I have been working with plants since 1998. Since completing the Herbal Apprenticeship I have completed numerous aromatherapy and cosmetic manufacturing courses. When creating my natural skincare products,  your safety is my priority.

Plant & Share was a natural progression for me given my passion to create simple and fresh skincare products from the garden that would nurture and care for my family.

I am focused on creating safe, natural skincare products for mothers, babies and families.


At Plant & Share I create herbal based organic, natural skincare products that are nurturing for your skin, beautiful to look at and divine to smell.

Only the finest and freshest herbs and plant based oils and butters are used.

Certified Organic or Spray-Free ingredients are used wherever available along with therapeutic grade essential oils. Preference is given to Nelson grown, harvested, dried and processed herbs.

All products have been designed by a qualified herbalist and aromatherapist to be safe for the whole family, including a range suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers.

kawakawa leaf



No artificial colourings, artificial fragrances, sodium laurel, sulphate,  petrochemicals,  mineral oils,  parabens, or silicones are used in our natural skincare products.

  • Wherever possible we plant & grow our own herbs or buy them locally.
  • Our herbs are then harvested & dried to preserve their medicinal properties.
  • The herbs are then infused in organic vegetable oils or made into hydrosols.
  • Infused oil forms the base of many of our products including the creation of balms, healing salves, massage oils, face oils, body butters & creams.
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