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For those who know us here at Plant and Share, you’ve seen how intention pervades all we are, do and have. We have deeply personal intentions for family and community wellbeing, and clear professional intent as a sustainable and ethical company – including conscious intent for the efficacy of products and services. 

Traditionally a Love Potion was a simple infusion of honey and rose. Vital to its success was the intention of the maker, who stated their intent aloud when mixing the ingredients. 

Sharyn has brought to life her own contemporary Love Potion. A combination of organic oils – almond, jojoba and camellia seed, to empower loving, sensual touch and heighten intimate connection.  

Love at first…

Visitors to the Plant and Share studio are often in awe (or even in love at first visit) seeing the myriad of options for ingredients that exist here.  Sharyn wanted this sense of possibility to imbue the Love Potion – for it to be perfect for all people, inclusive of age, stage, and all skin types. Keeping the product kind for all, the love potion is unscented to ensure no irritation, no exacerbation, only pleasurable sensation. 

At heart is Camellia Seed oil, with its long-standing recognition and therapeutic offerings- especially for skin rejuvenation (we are all about that here at Plant and Share!). A luxurious oil, Camellia has long been used by the Geishas of Japan and global beauty skincare makers who utilise its properties to support moisturising and replenishing all skin types. It is brilliant for its boost factor and made perfect sense. Loaded with Vitamins A, B and E, minerals, and squalene it has been chosen for the ‘oh so lovely’ silky feeling it adds to any skin. Mixed with Jojoba, the all-time fav for the steadiness, and blended with Sweet Almond oil the wish to provide a luxe texture ideal for sensual touch came to be.

Intimate moments

How often do you yearn to be held? To have palms to skin, have fingertips touching? Do you ever wish for more presence in your relationship? Is gratitude at the heart of your connection? Do you share laughter?

We believe that to honour each other and connect through sensual, relaxing, or erotic touch is a gift. The word ‘massage’ can evoke mixed feelings in men and women depending on personal experiences. Plant and Share’s Love Potion can help create a pleasurable, harmonious experience founded in love and desire. There is no greater time than now to cultivate togetherness.

The intimate connection you nurture with another person is unlike any other relationship in this life, and it deserves your special attention. Life’s demands can make creating and maintaining a loving relationship difficult to prioritise, yet how satisfying is it when we do?! 

Allowing yourself to both give and receive, enables you to connect – reconnect even. Give yourself permission to relax. This cultivation takes time and action… 

Foxtrot Home Linen bedding. This stunning photo was taken by @fleuralice fearing Blush Pink, Ochre & Pink Stripes, our favourite combo!
Make it happen

We are all into fun and rejuvenation! Often people feel a massage needs to be an hour yet with the Love Potion at hand you can connect within moments, if willing. Making space in your day, evening or night allows you to do so. Whether it is a lovingly focussed neck rub, a comfy 10 mins foot massage, a half an hour back massage after a shower… they all matter.

Our LOVE BOX, chocolate, Love Potion Massage Oil and Summer Love herbal tea.
Self-giving moments

We highly recommend enjoying the Love Potion yourself first. Know how it feels on your skin and give yourself a moment of self-care with loving touch. Try setting an intention for its use and then when together, take the time to explore what feels best, the pressure and rhythm that suits each other.  

The Love Potion is all about that pleasurable feel-good connection!

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