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Million Metres Stream Projects Goal: to restore at least one million metres of waterways across Aotearoa, New Zealand.

What is Million Metres Stream Project?

A crowdfunding platform for the large-scale funding of stream planting projects. Connects people with the resources needed to accelerate the restoration of our waterways. Led by the Sustainable Business Network, in partnership with the Department of Conservation.

Why support Million Metres Stream Project?

Water pollution is one of New Zealand’s most urgent environmental problems. We were once able to safely drink from, harvest from, and swim in all of NZ’s waterways.

Our native fish are disappearing. New Zealand’s so-called “clean green” image is sadly not so. 

The urgency of cleaning up our waterways is evident in these statistics….

62% of NZ’s lowland rivers are so polluted with pathogens that they are no longer safe to swim in.

Photo credit: Mike Joy

74% of NZ’s freshwater fish species are classified as threatened.

An adult whitebait – kōaro (Galaxias brevipinnis) Photo credit: Mike Joy

44% of NZ’s monitored lakes are so polluted that virtually nothing can survive in them.

Photo credit: Matt Dowdle

How did this happen?

The clearing of lowland forest for industrial use such as farming, forestry, and horticulture has had innumerable negative effects on streams and rivers. There has been increased leaching of nitrates and phosphates, which contributes to algal blooms in waterways. Toxic to humans and animals deplete oxygen in water – which equates to the death of our native freshwater species. 

Silt and contaminants also end up on our beaches and in our harbours, impacting the wellbeing of shellfish, fish stocks and seaweeds.

How do plants help?

Plants filter toxic run-off, provide a structural habitat for freshwater species, prevent stream bank erosion, sequester carbon, reduce the severity of flooding impacts, prevent sediment from washing into the water, and provide cooling shade which is crucial for the survival of aquatic life. The good news is, that in the short time that Million Metres has been operating they have raised over $2 million and planted more than 70,000 metres of waterways; this is over half a million plants and trees!

How can we help?

The health of our waterways impacts all New Zealanders, therefore we must all be part of the solution. Here at Plant & Share, we believe we have a responsibility within our wider community to support the causes that we believe in.

community planting

Plant & Share are donating $1 from every website order to Million Metres Stream Project.

Photo credit: Matt Dowdle

Protecting and enhancing our waterways is something we are very passionate about here at Plant & Share. I have worked as a Landscape Architect for 20+ years and has seen first-hand the benefits of planting native plants along our waterways. We are deeply connected to the earth and believe that our ecosystem requires urgent attention so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.  Know that when you purchase a Plant & Share product you are also supporting this cause.

Want to learn more please visit the Million Metres Website HERE.

Sharyn xx

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