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Plant & Share is about reconnecting with nature, through our organic regenerative gardening and skincare.  As a Landscape Architect of 20+ years, plants (especially ones that care for our well-being) are very dear to my heart.

I am honoured to offer you seeds and publications from Koanga Institute,  Koanga is home of New Zealand’s largest heritage food plant collection and I am excited to share with you their knowledge and heritage seeds.

I believe so strongly in supporting the work Kay and the team have done for Aotearoa, that I am donating back to Koanga all P&S profits from the sale of Koanga publications!

“Heritage seeds have been passed on down for several, if not many generations in a distinct physical geographical area so that the seed is adapted to those local conditions and the people who grow and eat the food grown from those seeds.” Koanga

New plant hybrids have been bred to resist particular diseases, and there are occasionally threats that could possibly wipe out entire crops when a new disease arrives, due to the lack of diversity in varieties commonly planted. When you grow heritage seeds you play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of our planet.     Let’s get growing!

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