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Baby Calm Balm


Baby Calm Balm is gently scented with Nelson-grown organic lavender and roman chamomile, to aid relaxation with the added benefits of softening and moisturising the skin.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS:   ” I have used the baby sleep balm on Benjamin ever since he was an infant. Putting it on became a night time ritual early on – we’d put a little bit under his nose and on his temples. I am sure it assisted our little man get to sleep due to the soothing nature of the product and beautiful, gentle scent. We love that everything in it was natural, safe and not tested on animals. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with a baby or toddler. ” Gretchen, Christchurch

“Sleep is natural but sometimes you have to nurture it. I used Baby Calm Balm on my daughter when she’s had trouble sleeping, we call it her nighttime perfume.” Kim, Auckland

SIZE  |  8G MINI, 25G  or  55G

SALE on 55g, Best Before 10/23


USE: Gently massage onto where feels right… with my son Mac I choose his chest, but you can massage into temples, pulse points or soles of feet; before transition to sleep, after bath, when irritable, teething or overtired.

Patch test before use. External use only. Store in a cool dark place and use within six months of opening.

INGREDIENTS:  Organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, spray free cold pressed coconut oil, therapeutic grade essential oils of organic lavender and roman chamomile, and natural Vitamin E.


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8G SAMPLE, 25G, 55G

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