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Calendula Cream

5.0 (15 reviews)


THE solution to your dry skin.

Our calendula cream is thick, nourishing, and fragrance-free. It has been formulated for dry and sensitive skin and is enriched with home-grown botanical extracts.

Packed with organic, nutrient-rich oils and butters, it can be used for all skin concerns. Calendula, borage seed, and sunflower seed oils soothe dry, itchy skin; and may reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines.

Formulated for delicate facial skin, or the entire body, this luxurious cream will penetrate the skin quickly without clogging pores.

Plant & Share calendula cream has a thick texture and possesses a subtle nutty fragrance.

I have fallen in love with your calendula cream as it has literally worked miracles on the dermatitis on my hands overnight!!!

~ Karina



Calendula is the perfect herb to soothe your skin. Our calendula is grown, harvested, dried, and infused on our 4-acre Wakefield property to ensure its freshness. Calendula is the featured ingredient, perfect for sensitive or irritated skin—It is fragrance-free and suitable for the whole family. 

CALENDULA CREAM is your daily go-to moisturiser for dry/itchy skin. Soothing hydration that rapidly absorbs into the skin. Perfect for rashes, acne, dry skin and gardening hands. 

Calendula Cream has so many uses;

  • for those struggling with dry and/or itchy skin,
  • try applying on acne to soothe your skin,
  • perfect for dry hands, legs and feet; try using it after a shower to lock in some extra moisture,
  • soothing after-shave cream for the face and legs,
  • babies and children suffering from skin ailments, wanting to try an alternative to the steroid creams available, and
  • as a gardener’s hands cream.

USE: Apply to dry skin that needs some extra nourishment and tender loving care.

This cream is rich and luxurious whilst soothing and calming. It hydrates your skin like nothing I have tried before. And I have tried so many products for my eczema over the years. This settles the itch and is deeply moisturising. Yet another top quality product by Plant and Share.   Hannah, A Nourishing Notion.

We also make a CALENDULA  BALM that is perfect for skin that is rough and red and in need of deep hydration. It is ideal before bed as the oily nature of this balm requires more time to absorb into the skin.

For more information on Eczema, please read our blog post, OUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ECZEMA.


Distilled water,  Organic Sunflower Oil Infused with Nelson Spray Free Calendula Flowers, Cetearyl Glucoside, Sorbitan Olivate (Eco-certified emulsifier), Organic Borage Oil, Organic cocoa butter, Organic and Fair Trade Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Benzyl Alcohol,  Dehydroacetic Acid (Eco-certified preservative).

Refill Me – Reduce your Packaging Waste

Reusing packaging is an effective way to reduce landfill, energy use and environmental impacts. I have created a system using NZ-made biodegradable refill pouches for all our oils, powders and creams.

Three easy steps to reducing your waste.

Thoroughly clean your container. For the oil bottles, remove the lid and sit upside down overnight to empty. For creams and clay masks, wash them and dry them thoroughly.

  1. Pour your contents into the jar or bottle and put on the lid. (We have mini glass beakers or stainless steel funnels available for purchase to help).
  2. To speed up the decomposition process cut your empty pouch into little pieces and add to your worm farm, compost or bury in the garden. It takes approximately 12 weeks to break down, depending on the health of your compost.

Additional information



15 reviews for Calendula Cream

  1. Janine Utton

    This cream is incredible. I suffer from eczema and I kid you not it started clearing up after applying the calendula cream within 24 hours. I couldn’t believe it. I was an instant convert. So much nicer putting this on my skin than anything prescribed by the doctor. Highly recommend!

  2. M Clark (verified owner)

    I love this product its a thick cream but feels light and super moisturizing. It really penetrates the skin for deep moisturization. My partner and I use it on our face as a daily moisturizer, we also have been using it on our baby for full massage and coverage.

  3. Liz (verified owner)

    Great for sensitive skin! Very rich but really easily absorbed and non-sticky, it leaves skin feeling plump and smooth. The calendula is instantly soothing, and has really helped clear up my sensitive skin, which is prone to dermatitis. I use it on both face and body. I love using it at night to give my skin a boost – especially in the delicate area around my eyes.

  4. Jules (verified owner)

    I’m almost 50, so my skin is going through lots of changes at the moment. I use the calendula cream as a face moisturiser on the days when my skin needs a little something extra, and I also use it as a luxurious hand/body cream. In summer I keep mine in the veggie drawer in the fridge which makes it beautifully cool to apply!

  5. Marianna (verified owner)

    Calendula cream is a must have in every household. We use it for minor injuries and burns. It helps the sensitive skin to recover fast. Highly recommended!

  6. Tessa (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this cream, it has worked wonders on my children’s dry skin 🙂

  7. Bryony

    I got this for my son’s eczema & it works fantastically to keep it at bay – I put it on him every morning & it stops his skin from getting red cracking. I love knowing that it is all natural so I can use it liberally without worrying about using steroid creams. It also makes a great general moisturiser for the rest of the family!

  8. Kiera (verified owner)

    Amazing cream, use it for my face and love it.

  9. Kate (verified owner)

    I originally got this for my husband’s psoriasis, but decided to use it on my itchy legs. Very soothing and calmed the urge to itch really quickly. I can see a larger pot on order soon!!

  10. Bee Sparkles

    I had dry skin on my eyelids which was irritated by everything and difficult to clear up. The calendula cream was so gentle – but helped sooth my skin immediately! It completely cleared up within a week. Bought some for a friend too – i wont be without it! x

  11. Yvette (verified owner)

    I have had psoriasis on my foot for 20 years and so when I tried the calendula cream I wasn’t hoping for much, but it’s been so good! Love these products ! And the quick and kind helpful replies to my questions etc too. Brilliant work .

    • Sharyn Ogg

      So delighted that it has helped Yvette, and thank you so much for sharing. Sharyn xx

  12. Tammy Sinclair (verified owner)

    This cream is rich & soothing & absorbs well.. I use it on my face during eczema flare-ups & it also makes a nice night cream. My skin tends to be dry & sensitive & this cream is perfect for calming & moisturizing. After trying the sample size I have now bought a big jar!

  13. Karen (verified owner)

    Amazing cream! Soothing and moisturising. Also, Sharyn is lovely and always super helpful ?. Thank you

  14. Libby

    Thick and scrumptious. My skin feels smooth and soft after application. It feels soooo beneficial.
    My skin loooves this stuff!
    ordering some more ASAP

  15. Gracie Marsden (verified owner)

    We purchased this originally for my daughter’s eczema but we use it on the whole family’s dry skin too. Even good for cuts.
    Its amazing how quickly my daughters eczema cleared up.

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