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Cosmic Wand

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The COSMIC WAND is handcrafted by Spellbones in Christchurch. The Cosmic Wand includes blue lotus, mugwort, star anise and quartz.  You can smoke cleanse yourself, your space or any healing tools you have, like crystals or tarot. Before you get started, consider your intention.

  • enlightenment
  • charaka balancing
  • spiritual growth
  • divination
  • higher purpose
  • psychic awareness
  • prophetic sight
  • transformation


All things I seek are deeking me

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  1. Holding your wand, light the end and let it burn well for a few seconds. I like to use a candle or match. You want to burn to be slow and take your time. Once the wand is lit, blow on the embers to create the magic glow. When you have a steady stream of smoke, allow the smoke to envelop you… you can use a cupped hand to pull the smoke to your body and over your being.
  2. Next walk, move or dance around the space and fan the smoke focusing on the corners of the room, get primal, close your eyes, feel the edges of your heart space and you will notice where stale energies have accumulated. You can also speak out loud any incantation or manifestation spell you may have on your heart.
  3. Once you’ve covered the space or self, open a window or a door and let the old energy leave the room.
  4. When your purification practice is complete, place the wand on a dish or heat-proof surface and allow the embers to slowly fade by themselves, being mindful and safe.


You can smoke cleanse yourself, a space or any healing tools you have, like crystals or tarot. Before you get started, consider your intention.

What are you clearing? What are you making space for? What are you calling in? Below are some examples to get you started, feel into the incantations with your heart and repeat the mantras to seal your practice.


I fill this space with sacred smoke and dissolve any negativity within this place. I cleanse this space and remove its past, replacing it with the highest of vibrations. May all energies that do not serve be released and leave and may all who dwell here be filled with the purest Love Joy and Light.


Into this smoke I release all negativity and liberate my mind from any uncertainty. I clear my heart from all heaviness and fill my spirit with love and happiness. I cleanse myself of all that no longer serves me, relinquish any limiting belief within and step into my highest power.



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