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Deodorant Mini 4 Pack

5.0 (3 reviews)


Don’t know which deodorant to choose? What about our new Deodorant Mini’s Pack, that contains 4 sample sized mini’s for $20 (save $18 when purchased as a pack).

– Tangerine Deodorant, for the citrus lovers
– Lavender Deodorant, for the dreamers
– Rejuvenation Deodorant, for the floral lovers
– Unscented Deodorant, with reduced baking soda for sensitive skin.

These mini’s are perfect to “try before you buy”.

? Travel light and take one away with you on your next long weekend away.

? Easy and light to pop in your gym bag or purse.

♻️ Simply REFILL these mini’s to reuse, over and over again. We love the refill concept when it comes to being mindful towards our waste creation.

Made with 89% organic and spray-free ingredients (note we are not certified organic but choose to use organic ingredients).

“The best deodorant. I’ve tried so many and these are by far the best” Christine

SIZE  |  8G each pot


A beautiful formulation of natural plant-based butters and essential oils to combat odour-causing bacteria.  The baking soda alters the pH on your armpits to prevent odour-causing bacteria. For those with sensitive armpits try the Unscented Deodorant with reduced baking soda.  No Palm oil.  No beeswax to block skin pores.


With a fingertip smooth a small (1/2 a pea-sized) amount of deodorant to clean, dry armpits and rub in well. If after shaving you get some skin irritation or tingling, recommend waiting an hour or applying a balm before applying the deodorant cream.


ALL:  Spray Free Coconut Oil, Organic Mango Butter, Baking Soda, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Vitamin E.

Tangerine Deodorant – Tangerine and Bergamot Essential Oils. Lavender Deodorant – Organic Lavender Essential Oil. Rejuvenation Deodorant – Organic Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli Essential Oils.


“I’ve tried perhaps 8 different kinds of natural deodorants after learning how important it is to not clog your pores with nasty aluminium. We must allow sweating to occur as it is a crucial part of detoxification. However, I have not yet tried anything of this caliber. I cannot tolerate high amounts baking soda as I would break out in a rash. This product has minimal baking soda in it and I’ve not reacted yet. It is also great at preventing odour. I rate this deodorant as number one and have three others in my cupboard which are unfortunately going to have to be thrown out. 10/10 deodorant!”   Hannah, Tasman

“I tried Plant & Share’s Lavender deodorant for the first time this week. I AM converted! Not sure if it would work or not I just applied it to one armpit, leaving the other armpit neutral. Later in the evening I could definitely tell the difference between armpits! I have since been using the deodorant every day, it really is fantastic as I don’t like to use commercial deodorants or antiperspirants because of the chemicals used in them. This is a really great product.” Rachel, Nelson

“I absolutely love this product!! I have tried many natural deodorants which haven’t worked and I also have a sensitivity to sodium bicarbonate but not with this one!
I’m forever sold, this one leaves my underarms moisturised, it smells divine and lasts all day.
Also, I live in Tauranga and I was impressed with the delivery time and conscious packaging. All round winner.” Ashley

“I was having trouble finding a deodorant that I wasn’t allergic to, even all the other natural ones I tried still irritated my skin. Sharyn sent me a sample to try and it was awesome, no irritation, it is now the only one that I will use. I love the unscented one cause I am pretty picky about scents, and this does the job even without a fragrance added!” Penny, Nelson

3 reviews for Deodorant Mini 4 Pack

  1. Siobhan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this deodorant! I’ve tried so many different natural ones and they either didn’t really mask any odour or they left residue on the skin. Plant & Share’s deodorant works and feels great on and no residue! All the scented ones smell beautiful too! Have even got family converted

    • Sharyn Ogg

      Thanks so much for your feedback Siobhan! You can refill those little pots from your larger ones when finished – a handy size for weekends away.

  2. Marcia (verified owner)

    One of the best natural options I have tried. This is also a great way to find the scent you love.

  3. Kelly (verified owner)

    Bought the mini pots to try for a recent holiday and they worked just fine in the Bali heat! For me Lavender was my go to gentle, effective & no bicarb reactions! Back to buy a full size pot!

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