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This colourful Magical Rainbow Mix contains edible rose petals, cornflower and calendula flowers. Create sumptuous experiences in your kitchen each day. Keep dried edible flowers on your shelf for uplifting the mundane, sprinkling on salads, baking, garnishing soups, cocktails… delight your senses. Refill your jars and have fun creating your own combinations.

USES: Garnish, teas, soups, savoury dishes, decoration, tarts, cocktails

INGREDIENTS: Rose (India), Cornflower (Albania or New Zealand, Calendula (New Zealand)

SHELF LIFE: 12 months after opening stored in cool dark place

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We are new to Dried Edible Flowers. Are there bugs in them?
We hope not! We do our best to source verified safe food ingredients from suppliers who have protocols in place for pest control and food handling. If there is a bug, what a bugger! Send the product with the bug back to us and we will refund or offer an alternative.

Are Dried Edible Flowers vegetarian and vegan?
Yep, they certainly are.

Are Dried Edible Flowers safe to consume if pregnant?
You need to avoid Calendula. This is known to stimulate menstruation and relieve menstrual cramps so steer clear and choose an equally great alternative like Rose or Cornflower.

How do I store my Dried Edible Flowers?
We recommend in your pantry with other spices, herbs and baking goods, or any cool dark place away from sunlight. They will last well if sealed in the pouch, jar or airtight container. As tempting as it is to have them in view on a window sill, they will sweat, get too hot, and decay.

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30G JAR, 250ML JAR


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