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One of the most empowering workshops you will take, as you learn how simple it is to make your own infused herbal oils safely. This is a hands-on interactive workshop where you will gather and process herbs to give you the confidence to make infused oils yourself.  Herbal-infused oils are safe, effective, and extremely economical.  They are a perfect self-care tool, and there is nothing as rewarding as making fresh skincare from your garden.     

You will also take home $100 worth of product, plus a lot of support material to help you continue your herbal education.

In our 3 hour workshop Sharyn will;

  • Explain the best carrier oils to use and their properties
  • Describe the key herbs for oil infusions and their actions including identification, medicinal properties and uses  
  • Demonstrate traditional and modern manufacturing processes  
  • Explain how to correctly preserve, label and store your oils
  • Various uses for the oils
  • Provide a take-home information booklet
  • Lead you through making your own take-home herbal goodie bag that includes; 
      • A massage or bath oil (for sore muscles or relaxation) or a culinary oil, 
      • Skin healing balms (25G x 2),
      • And a soothing body scrub, all made from herbal oil infusions.
  • Light refreshments  (blend your own herbal tea + treats)

Where | Plant & Share Workshop, Pigeon Valley, Wakefield

Time and Day |  to be confirmed.  Email me with your preferred time and day.

Limited to 4 people per session (minimum of 1)

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Take home | 

  • Information sheets on CARRIER OILS and their properties
  • Information sheets on key HERBAL INFUSED OILS
  • Basic safety information on using ESSENTIAL OILS and ANTI-OXIDANTS
  • Recipe cards on how to make an INFUSED OIL, BALM and SUGAR SCRUB
  • x2 120g jar with fresh/dried herbs and oil X2 100ml bottles to put infusions in, and muslin bags for straining
  • X2 25G healing balms
  • X1 100G body scrub


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