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Moonstone Bead Bracelet

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Moonstone bead bracelets with three options available; moonstone (multi-coloured), 8mm and nuggets and rainbow moonstone,

Moonstone gems range in colour from white to creamy yellow, peach, pink and grey. Moonstone is a stone of intuition and insight, helps to balance emotions, provides calmness enhances intuition, promotions inspiration, success and good fortune and see your future path more clearly.

Rainbow Moonstone displays subtle blue or multi-coloured colour flashes. This light effect is known as adularescence.  Rainbow Moonstone is a magical stone with powerful protective properties. It helps you find your true path in life, balance emotions and increase creativity and psychic abilities.

“I am intuitive”

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Reach for moonstones to;

  • shed some healing light on your path, if you are questioning your purpose, or feeling lost,
  • balance your emotions,
  • active creative energy and your crown charka
  • raise your vibration and guide you out of the darkness into the light,
  • associated with love, passion, and fertility,
  • a symbol of divine feminine energy, which makes it a useful stone for all things related to romance, relationships and fertility.

Crystals will vary from the photos provided.

Country of Origin: India

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