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Nelson Sun-Kissed lip balm is enriched with calendula oil, thick and creamy organic butters, vitamin E and beeswax to create a long lasting, protective coat. Ideal for those with dry or cracked lips. No additional fragrances or essential oils, just the delicious fragrance of natural cocoa butter. Toddler and child safe.

(Formally called Soothing Calendula Lip Balm)

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USE: Apply liberally as required.

INGREDIENTS: Spray Free Nelson Grown Calendula Flowers Infused in Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Castor Oil and Vitamin E.



  1. Michelle, Registered Nurse, Nelson

    Because of the long term use of Retinoid medication, my lips are extremely dry as a side effect. Over the years I have tried many supermarket and pharmacy balms to alleviate this very uncomfortable and unsightly problem. There was only one product which was somewhat adequate in moisturising but also messy in its application due to being in liquid form.

    I tried Plant and Share Lip Balm Tubes and was amazed at how moisturising this balm was, not to mention the fact that it is much longer lasting, resulting in less applications, saving both time and money. It was also cheaper than the pharmacy brought product I had been using, and produced in an easier user friendly preparation. Much like a lipstick. As an added bonus the Balms to do not melt in the Nelson heat.

    I highly recommend this for anyone that suffers dry lips, wants a product that isn’t greasy, and is of great value for their money.

  2. Gisela Purcell, International Marketing Manager, Nelson Regional Development Agency

    I love the Nelson sun-kissed lip balms. The natural ingredients feel wonderful plus the subtle smell of cocoa butter makes them even more delicious. I use these lip balms as industry gifts – they are small and easy to travel with, plus they embrace the story of a passionate, artisan Nelson company. Recipients really love receiving such a lovely local product – so much more meaningful than just another ballpoint pen!

  3. Lara

    Love this lip balm! Before discovering Plant and Share’s gorgeous products, I would often react to most lip balms (including natural ones.) Not this one though – it’s wonderful to wear, very nourishing and made of beautiful simple, natural and organic ingredients – the perfect lip balm! A quality product and a daily must have for me. Highly recommended to all, especially if you have sensitive or dry lips.

  4. Jessica Powers

    These are one of my go-to little gifts. And I have ‘gifted’ myself more than a few! Beautiful texture and really soft, nourishing balm.

  5. Mel

    I generally use only natural lip balms but recently was given a different one as a gift that made my lips so dry they were at the point of not just cracking but bleeding. I stopped using it and tried going back to my old natural balms but nothing really helped, my lips were still severely cracked and sore. I started using the sun kissed lip balm, after only a few applications things started to improve and then after only a few days my lips were pretty much back to normal. I generally have dry lips and this product is amazing, I can’t really recommend it enough.

  6. Ellie

    I’ve had this for around 3 years and I love it!! It doesn’t leave my lips sticky like other chapsticks.

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