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The high percentage of calendula infused oil benefits inflamed, irritated or cracked skin, for the whole family. CALENDULA  BALM is perfect for skin that is rough and red, and in need of deep hydration. Useful for a range of skin complaints, but particularly effective for nappy rash, cradle cap and dermatitis.

Safe for use on babies and the whole family.

 I must tell you that your calendula is the only thing that cleared up Arrens nasty teething bum rash! It’s magic  xx big thanks xx   Vanessa, Dunedin

SIZE  |  25G  or 55G


Calendula is the perfect herb to soothe your skin. To ensure its freshness, our calendula is grown, harvested, dried and infused right here on our 4 acre Wakefield property. Calendula is the feature ingredient, perfect for sensitive or irritated skin. Fragrance-free and suitable for the whole family.

CALENDULA  BALM is perfect for skin that is rough and red, and in need of deep hydration. Ideal before bed as the oily nature of this balm requires more time to absorb into skin.

Calendula Balm has so many uses;

  • ingredients to soothe, protect and hydrate,
  • cradle cap and stubborn nappy rash (for a daily use nappy balm use Baby Bum Balm),
  • rough chapped skin,
  • dermatitis.

Love your Calendula Balm for the eczema on my boy. A little goes a long way with your balms!  Meagan, Nelson

USE:  Apply to clean dry skin.

We also make a CALENDULA CREAM is your daily go-to moisturiser for dry/itchy skin. Soothing hydration that rapidly absorbs into the skin. Perfect for eczema, acne, psoriasis, gardening hands; and for getting those legs summer-ready. 

Safe for use on babies and the whole family. Patch test before use.  Please note that is balm is not for burn first-aid use, for the first 20min put the burn under cool running water and use the balm for later healing stages.  If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. 

Store in a cool dark place. External use only.  For best results use within 6 months of opening. 

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic New Zealand Beeswax, Spray Free Coconut Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Vitamin E.

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8G SAMPLE, 25G, 55G

11 reviews for CALENDULA BALM

  1. Meagan, Nelson

    Love your Calendula Balm for the eczema on my boy. A little goes a long way with your balms!

  2. Rearna

    We were gifted our first pot of the Calendula balm before I had my little one and it has been my right hand man since day one. We use it for EVERYTHING: dry skin, eczema, cradle cap, sore bottoms…it’s magic in a little pot!

  3. Marilyn

    Your calendula cream has worked wonders for my granddaughters skin irritations. Thanks heaps

  4. Hannah Shaw

    This heals skin like nothing else (well other than a whole food plant based diet!). I have spent at least a thousand dollars on moisturisers and balms of all types over the last 15 years for the eczema on my hands, but nothing comes close to this. The colour is like the richest gold you have ever laid eyes on, nature is truly magical and Plant and Share capture that magic in their products. High quality, worth every cent.

  5. Penny Royal (verified owner)

    I love this balm, it is a staple in my home that get used on everyone for everything! Any little skin issue gets Calendula balm on it… I have even used it on my dog!
    I love knowing that everything is handmade and so much of it is grown in Plant & Share’s own garden here locally.

  6. Bryony (verified owner)

    This is the only thing I have used on my kids nappy rashes for years – I put it on at night and the rash is all cleared up in the morning like magic! The jar seems to last for ages too.

  7. Shannen

    Only used it twice but has cleared up minor allergy hives on my arm. I also get extremely dry itchy legs 1-2 days after shaving which results in red bumps, is already clearing up the bumps and itching is subsiding!

  8. Tammy Sinclair (verified owner)

    This balm is good for any dry, rough, irritated areas of skin. I use it on eczema at night. Like a little pot of gold!

  9. Hope (verified owner)

    A friend gifted the baby pack with this included.. there’s more to the ingredients some wonderful energy put into creating I’m guessing 🙂 My son each time I rub this on his chest into the dry parts – stops and stares into up into space for a good half a minute. Definitely does wonders not just on his skin. Thank you for creating such a naturally wonderful product 🙂 xx

  10. Nicola

    I can honestly say all of Plant & Shares products are amazing!!! This product in particular I use once a day on babys bum to prevent nappy rash & it’s incredible! My son is now 6 months & has never had any nappy rash – not once. Sharyn is so knowledgeable & can recommend exactly what products to use depending on the issue. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a natural skincare alternative, especially for little ones.

  11. Gracie Marsden (verified owner)

    We use this with the Calendua cream for my daughters eczema and it is amazing. Cleared up super fast

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