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Shungite Mobile Phone Protection Disk

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Shungite is believed to have the ability to absorb and neutralise the dangerous frequencies from electromagnetic radiation caused by modern electronics making it the perfect mobile phone accessory.

Shungite is able to do this due to the fullerenes inside. Almost no materials in the world contain these fullerenes, which care hollow, pure carbon molecules.

SIZES:  SMALL 20mm diameter  | LARGE 40mm diameter


ShUNGITE MOBILE PHONE PROTECTION DISK USE: Peel off the back and affix the Shungite Disk sticker to the back of your smartphone or computers, TV screens or other electrical devices.

Shungite is a mineraloid that consists of more than 98% carbon. Shungite has been used as a folk remedy since the 18th century, with its name derived from the village Shunga in Russia, where it was first discovered. Its ability to purify water has long been known, and its anti-bacterial properties have been proven with modern-day testing. Most Shungite comes from Russian Precambrian deposits of fossilised organic material from ancient seas.

  • Shungite is an extremely purifying mineral used in water to make a ritual purification Elixer.
  • It is also said to dampen electromagnetic fields caused by modern electronics.
  • A veritable powerhouse, it kills negative vibrations and clears the energy in any space.
  • Often used to reduce bad vibes, stress, and anxiety, place it near your bed to help you discharge any negative energy from your day.
  • Shungite is used in the paint pigment “carbon black.” It can sometimes leave a mark on surfaces when rubbed or scratched.

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SMALL 20mm, LARGE 40mm, Bracelet, TWO NUGGETS


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