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Our most popular skincare products are now available to purchase in a biodegradable refill pouch.  You simply pour the contents into your cleaned Plant & Share jar or bottle.

There is a 50ML glass beaker, or stainless steel funnel available for purchase if you feel you need some assistance with pouring.

Note: The lip balms and shaving soaps are solid in form and require you to melt and then pour into your containers.  The glass beaker is ideal to melt and pour the lip balms into your bamboo tube.

Unfortunately, deodorants are too difficult to refill at home, but we can refill them for you!  Follow this LINK for deodorant refills.



What is a biodegradable refill pouch and how do I use it?

A refill pouch is a biodegradable bag that contains our skincare cream, hydrosol or oil.  You simply pour it into your clean jar or bottle.

How do I clean my empty jar or bottle before refilling?

FOR BOTTLES simply sit them upside down to fully drain contents. I do not recommend trying to clean these with water and it is very difficult to dry and get all the moisture out, due to the shape of the bottle.

FOR JARS clean thoroughly with hot soapy water and dry or put through the dishwasher cycle.

FOR LIP BALM TUBES empty completely, ideally use a cotton-bud to dig our all remaining lip balm.

What are the biodegradable pouches made from? 

The biofilm bags are made using plant-based materials from sustainably grown biomass. The bag is made by laminating layers of biofilm together to create a high moisture and oxygen barrier.

They are also made right here in New Zealand! Let’s keep supporting NZ Made products any way we can.

How long will the biodegradable pouch refills last?

Each pouch has the best before date on it for the product.

Can I compost them at home?

YES you can compost them in your home compost or worm farm.

They are certified as safe by several reputable organisations;

  • AS5810 Home Compostable by ABA Australian Bioplastics Association
  • OK HOME COMPOST, OK COMPOST HOME and OK Biodegradable Soil
  • Renewable Content – DIN CERTO, JBPA and USDA
  • Marine Biodegradable ASTM D6691-09
  • Industrial Compost Approved
  • Anaerobic Digestion Approved ISO 15985
How long does it take to decompose?

Approximately 12 weeks to break down, but it is dependent on how healthy your compost bin is. A healthy compost bin and worm farm need heat, oxygen, water soil and microorganisms, the healthier your compost bin the faster things break down. 

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Oil Cleanser 50ML, Rose Hydrosol 100ML , Pink Clay Mask 25G , Calendula Face & Body Oil 50ML, Rosehip & Jojoba Face Oil – Unscented 50ML, Rosehip & Jojoba Face Oil – Rejuvenation 50ML, Rosehip Unscented Face Cream 55G, Rosehip Geranium Face Cream 55G, Calendula Cream 100G , Rosehip Shimmer Lip Balm 5G , Kawakawa Mint Lip Balm 5G , Nelson Sunkissed Lip Balm 5G , Shaving Soap Unscented 100G, Shaving Soap Lemongrass 100G, Glass Beaker to assist with pouring 50ML, Stainless Steel Funnel to assist with pouring


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