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THE PHYTOFARM KITCHEN GARDEN BOOK – spring and summer edition Valkmai’s valuable collection of recipes and ideas to get you on the creative path of cooking with herbs.

“I can highly recommend this book if seasonal eating, learning about the beneficial properties of herbs/spices and some new recipe inspiration is something you are drawn towards.

I studied my Herbal Apprenticeship with Valmai in 2012 at Phytofarm and was so inspired by those experiences I changed my career from Landscape Architect to working with herbs for the benefit of your skin, and Plant & Share was born.   Valmai has been an incredible support to me and her herbal and cooking knowledge and these pages are brimming with delight and wisdom.”  Sharyn xx

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The Phytofarm Kitchen Garden book is a valuable collection of recipes and ideas.

“The dividing line between food and medicine may not always be clear; for example, lemons, onions and oats are they foods or medicines? They are both for the many foods we ingest have medicinal value and also provide substance, vitamins and minerals. Our evolution over thousands of years, alongside plants, has geared our digestive system to use whole and plant-based foods. 

At Phytofarm we enjoy “freedom cooking” that does not normally rely on a recipe. We are often asked how we put various herb and food combinations together. In this vein, this is not your usual recipe book it has been compiled with plants as the central ingredient for making delicious food. This compendium provides you with the principles for exploring plants as food and medicine. It encourages you to use your sense of smell and taste to tell if the food is pleasant to you.”  Valmai

The spring and summer edition contains 48 pages. New seasonal sets of pages will be available in the future, keeping you updated with the latest additions from the Phytofarm kitchen.


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