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I talked to a mum who used your balm, and her child slept through the night for the first time ever!!

Cherished Sleep Consultant, Kim Corley

Thank you soo much for my order of baby calm balm and the little extra for me.

I got a sample of your product from the Auckland baby show last year.  I took it out a couple of months ago when my twin boys were restless one night and had decided that no one in the house was sleeping.

Since we have started using it daily they are both sleeping so much better which in turn means I sleep better.

Thanks again for a great product.

Kind regards

I have used the Baby Calm Balm on Benjamin ever since he was an infant. Putting it on became a night time ritual early on – we’d put a little bit under his nose and on his temples. I am sure it assisted our little man get to sleep due to the soothing nature of the product and beautiful, gentle scent. We love that everything in it was natural, safe and not tested on animals. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with a baby or toddler.

I was recently sent the Pregnancy Gift set after the birth of my daughter and would just like to say how gorgeous it was. The Baby Bum Balm works a treat and the Lavender Deodorant creme was so refreshing not to mention how good it all smells. Would definitely recommend it.

I must tell you that your Calendula Balm is the only thing that cleared up Arrens nasty teething bum rash! It’s magic  xx big thanks xx

I love the baby balm. When J was a newborn it was the only thing I would put on her bottom for nappy rash.


I highly recommend the Rosehip & Jojoba Rejuvenation Face Oil. After finishing the bottle and using other products, my skin did not feel as hydrated, soft and silky. Fine lines started appearing around and under my eyes.

I re-ordered a 50ml bottle, and as I have moved to Christchurch asked a friend to pick it up on her way down. Included in the parcel was my order, plus a jar of Rosehip Day Cream and a sample of the rejuvenation oil for my friend to try. What a lovely surprise and very kind gesture.

As recommended I have mixed the cream and the oil together with luxurious results.

Great work Plant and Share, keep up the good work.
Sandra from Christchurch

Awesome product. I swear by the Rosehip Oil and the Face Scrub. I have even got my 80+ year old wee Mum on to using it and she loves it also. Plus Sharyn gives great and speedy service too.

Sarah, Rangioria

I have been using a couple of Plant & Share products over the last month, however one in particular stands out. The “Calendula Face & Body Oil” – I was traveling for 3 weeks & it was very convenient not to have to lug around bottles of toner & moisturizer, the oil was all I needed. It absorbs without looking greasy & you can apply make-up straight away. It’s also very long lasting, I’m only using a little 10ml sample & it’s still over half full. My skin is glowing & some redness has definitely reduced also!

Anna, Christchurch

Because of the long term use of Retinoid medication, my lips are extremely dry as a side effect. Over the years I have tried many supermarket and pharmacy balms to alleviate this very uncomfortable and unsightly problem. There was only one product which was somewhat adequate in moisturising but also messy in its application due to being in liquid form.

I tried Plant and Share Lip Balm Tubes and was amazed at how moisturising this balm was, not to mention the fact that it is much longer lasting, resulting in less applications, saving both time and money. It was also cheaper than the pharmacy brought product I had been using, and produced in an easier user friendly preparation. Much like a lipstick. As an added bonus the Balms to do not melt in the Nelson heat.

I highly recommend this for anyone that suffers dry lips, wants a product that isn’t greasy, and is of great value for their money.

I love the lip balm, I’m a connoisseur  of lip balm, always looking for the best there is.  Yours is the best I have ever used its pleasant smelling and really moisturizing

Very impressed with your Rosehip Oil – it seems to be the only thing that makes a difference to excema – I don’t like to overuse steroids though they have their place. But, your rose hip oil calms everything down, takes away the itchiness and softens the dry skin. Thank you – it’s really made a difference after many years of hunting.

I really love that Calendula Sugar Scrub! I tried it on half my face only and was amazed at the difference!

Calendula sugar scrub: I love this scrub, it’s good enough to eat and my skin feels soft and rejuvenated after using it.


The Deodorant is beautiful. We love it.

Paula, Rangiora

The deodorant has been a discovery as long term use of commercial products have left my skin irritated. Your deodorant has the best feel, fragrance and effect I’ve had and I was so glad to have heard of you. Many many thanks. Liz

Both my husband and I are addicted to Plant and Share’s deodorant.  My husband swears by it even when cycling to work every day. I am pretty sensitive to a lot of products but have no trouble with the tangerine flavour. Excellent value for money too, a little goes a long way.

Natural Deodorant: This is my new must have item, it’s so nice to know that its 100% natural and it works!

I tried Plant & Share’s Lavender deodorant for the first time this week.  I AM converted!  Not sure if it would work or not I just applied it to one armpit, leaving the other armpit neutral.  Later in the evening I could definitely tell the difference between armpits!  I have since been using the deodorant every day, it really is fantastic as I don’t like to use commercial deodorants or antiperspirants because of the chemicals used in them.  This is a really great product.


Loving the calendula body butter. My legs get so dry in winter. With normal moisturiser you need to wait for it to be absorbed before putting clothes on. I don’t have time in the mornings to wait. The body butter is non greasy with means I can apply it and get dressed straight away. It feels amazing.
Janine, Auckland

Calendula Body Butter

So I put Arnica Balm on just about anything that ache’s – bumps, sore knee, arthritis and I think that act of rubbing something good and the act of being gentle to yourself is really helpful.

Sarah, Rangiora

I used the Kawakawa Healing Salve for a new tattoo an a small amount goes a very long way. The salve is absorbed into the skin very quickly and definitely aided the healing process of the tattoo. After using the salve on my latest tattoo I aim to use this product on all future pieces also.

I must tell you that your Calendula Balm is the only thing that cleared up Arrens nasty teething bum rash! It’s magic  xx big thanks xx

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