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I highly recommend the Rosehip & Jojoba Rejuvenation Face Oil. After finishing the bottle and using other products, my skin did not feel as hydrated, soft and silky. Fine lines started appearing around and under my eyes.

I re-ordered a 50ml bottle, and as I have moved to Christchurch asked a friend to pick it up on her way down. Included in the parcel was my order, plus a jar of Rosehip Day Cream and a sample of the rejuvenation oil for my friend to try. What a lovely surprise and very kind gesture.

As recommended I have mixed the cream and the oil together with luxurious results.

Great work Plant and Share, keep up the good work.
Sandra from Christchurch

Awesome product. I swear by the Rosehip Oil and the Face Scrub. I have even got my 80+ year old wee Mum on to using it and she loves it also. Plus Sharyn gives great and speedy service too.

Sarah, Rangioria

I have been using a couple of Plant & Share products over the last month, however one in particular stands out. The “Calendula Face & Body Oil” – I was traveling for 3 weeks & it was very convenient not to have to lug around bottles of toner & moisturizer, the oil was all I needed. It absorbs without looking greasy & you can apply make-up straight away. It’s also very long lasting, I’m only using a little 10ml sample & it’s still over half full. My skin is glowing & some redness has definitely reduced also!

Anna, Christchurch

Very impressed with your Rosehip Oil – it seems to be the only thing that makes a difference to excema – I don’t like to overuse steroids though they have their place. But, your rose hip oil calms everything down, takes away the itchiness and softens the dry skin. Thank you – it’s really made a difference after many years of hunting.

I really love that Calendula Sugar Scrub! I tried it on half my face only and was amazed at the difference!

Calendula sugar scrub: I love this scrub, it’s good enough to eat and my skin feels soft and rejuvenated after using it.

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