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As you follow the contour of your lips with your favourite lipstick or shimmer, there is a moment of stillness.  Sure, you may be a whizz at whipping the lippy on, yet you still take a moment to connect. The colours you select highlight your skin tones, and your style. Each lipstick cares for your lips: their softness and plushness. Your lips connect you with kisses, loved ones and through which you release words of kindness into the world. 

Studio Soph with her stunning shimmery KISS ME LIPSTICK

To embark on a collaboration with four of our reputable Tasman based artists was a vision of mine that turned out to be even better than I had imagined. 

Collectively, we wish for women to shine bright, and express themselves naturally. I was so happy bringing creative, independent women artists together. They were so open to sharing their expertise through a personal art piece, and created their lipstick colours making lightly-pigmented, deeply-coloured, softly toned hued lipsticks especially for everyday women.

Something for everyone, from the bold to the subtle.

At Plant and Share, a makeup movement happened.

Collectively, we wish for women to shine bright, and express themselves naturally. To bring a hint of colour to their lips, encourage laughter and be kind to themselves and others. We are sure that we nailed that for you with our Limited Edition range.

Bec from Clouds of Colour applying her SUNSET CORAL LIP SHIMMER

Each artist has applied their own creative talents. The delight, the laughter and conversation between myself, Sophie, Becs, Fleur, and Jess is imbued in each recipe. All are 95% organic. Every art piece created for packaging is reflective of purpose and passion.   Named by each artist, the lipsticks POMEGRANATE and KISS ME became most like pigmented lipsticks while PETAL and SUNSET CORAL offer translucent and sheer hues, perfect for those wanting a touch of colour and glistening.  

Fleur Woods with her delicate PETAL LIP SHIMMER. You can check out Fleur’s stunning art here.

At Plant and Share lighter makeup celebrates your inner beauty and choices for expression. For all ages from young to old, we celebrate how you are. We honour how you like to be, in the best most natural ways.  

Illustrated label by Jessica Lindblom Brice, Jessica created POMEGRANATE

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